Explore the Cyclades island-hopping itinerary

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  • 10 days
  • 5 destinations
  • From 2.150€ pp
  • 30 awesome beaches
  • 10 archeological sites
  • Endless Greek delicacies

The Cycladic islands are characterized by white-washed houses, turquoise blue seas, olive groves, and sun-parched landscapes. It is here where the man lived in harmony with the environment for thousands of years. Island hopping is the best way to connect with this past and get to know the islands, each of them stamped with its unique character.
The trip will start in Athens, and after visiting the Acropolis and the new Acropolis museum, you will hop on our ferry to Tinos. Tinos is a wonderland of natural beauty, dotted with more than forty marble-ornamented villages found in hidden bays, on terraced hillsides, and atop misty mountains. The next stop is Naxos, the biggest and one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. It is an island with incredible landscape interchanges with Venetian castles & traditional villages perched on its mountains cliffs. From Naxos, you will sail for the day to the Little Cyclades, a group of tiny islands that lie between Naxos and Amorgos. The final stop will be Santorini, an island famous for its amazing landscape. A jaw-dropping scenery of cliffs, blue water, and whitewashed stone villages coupled with an amazing culinary heritage.
  • Day 1 Athens
    Often referred to as the cradle of Western civilization, Athens has remained a colorful and vivid city. You can’t move without bumping into an ancient ruin or building, which evokes imagery of the Greek gods or the thoughts of their
  • Day 2 Athens-Tinos
    No matter how many photographs you’ve seen, nothing can prepare you for visiting and walking around Acropolis. Alongside a private guide, you will explore the site and head towards the stunning Acropolis Museum. In the afternoon, you will drive to
  • Day 3 Tinos
    The day will start in Falatados, and from there, you will hike around the valley of Volax until you reach the village. Cottages crouch among smooth round boulders, which tumble down the mountain like giant bowling balls. Nobody knows how
  • Day 4 Tinos-Naxos
    After an authentic Tinian breakfast, you will be transferred to the port to embark on a ferry to Naxos. As the ferry arcs toward the island, you will catch the first glimpse of the Portara, a marble gateway on the
  • Day 5 Naxos-Little Cyclades
    Today, we will stumble across locals’ secret spot: Small Cyclades. Tucked away between the larger Cycladic islands of Naxos and Amorgos, the Small Cyclades consist of a group of islands that form a place of sheer & tranquil beauty. Life
  • Day 6 Naxos
    Naxos is home to the highest mountain in the Cyclades, Mount Zeus and the hike to the top of it is probably the most epic thing to do in the region. Mount Zeus has a historical significance because, in ancient
  • Day 7 Naxos-Santorini
    The town of Naxos is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades, particularly popular for its fine architecture that is composed of Venetian and Cycladic elements. In the morning, you will explore the impressive Venetian castle that
  • Day 8 Santorini
    In the morning, you will head towards Akrotiri, Santorini’s principal archaeological wonder, a town destroyed by the volcano eruption, but preserved under layers of lava. In the Akrotiri ruins & museum area, you will enjoy your private guide will introduce
  • Day 9 Santorini-Athens
    In the morning, you will do an easy walk towards the main town of the island, Fira. The path follows the edge of the caldera and passes several churches and houses, and offers the opportunity to soak in amazing views.

This is a sample itinerary and can be fully customized according to your travel plans and needs. The price of this trip is indicative, given that it can change depending on several factors, including the season, activities, etc. In every case, our savvy travel experts will create a travel plan based on your budget and your bucket list! The travel planning service is free of charge and includes as many changes and customizations as you wish, until you’re fully satisfied with the result.


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Reviews: 4

Satisfaction: 5

We absolutely ADORED this trip to the Cycladic islands!

  • by traveler: Tina J.

The beauty of these islands was insane, even better than on the postcards and the internet! The highlight of the trip was the Small Cyclades islands, which are completely off the beaten trail and very peaceful. It was like a whole other world! We can't wait to be back!

This island-hopping trip was amazing!

  • by traveler: Jonas N.

We had plenty of time to snorkel and swim. Kayaking was an unforgettable experience, it was the first time we tried it and can’t wait to do it again. The staff was friendly and helpful, they gave us plenty of information about the sites and got us to the best swimming spots. A must-do!

Cyclades island hopping

  • by traveler: Peter T.

A great way to see the best of the Cyclades, both the popular and the less known islands. The best part was the sunset watching at the end of the day, right from the deck! It was something we’ll never forget. Also, the trip had the perfect amount of relaxation and adventure, highly recommended!

Amazing island hopping experience in the Cyclades!

  • by traveler: Jane K.

The staff were so helpful and kind, they constantly made sure that everything was good and provided us with tons of useful information. Everything was taken care of down to the last detail! I highly recommend it!